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Video CVs give employers the opportunity to quickly assess a candidate’s suitability for a role, whilst showcasing the soft skills that candidates find so difficult to portray through a written CV.

Working Heads provides a secure portal, enabling employers to search quickly and easily through local jobseeker profiles, and shortlist candidates for potential roles.

Less hassle, more accuracy

A video CV can give you a much stronger overview of a candidate’s suitability for a role. Video CVs give employers the opportunity to assess a candidate based on their soft skills such as communication, motivation and professionalism; meaning less hassle and less time spent sifting through paper CVs to shortlist applicants for interview.

Making the job application process more accessible

For many job applicants, writing a CV is a difficult and daunting process. Video CVs provide job seekers a way of creating a CV that works for them.

An easy way to assess skills

Soft skills are difficult to portray and interpret on paper. A video CV allows employers to quickly see whether a candidate is a confident speaker, personable, or motivated, for example.

Filter candidates quickly and easily

Working Heads allows you to filter candidates according to their skills, and career aspirations, then view their short video CV before deciding whether to shortlist them.

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