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Yes! Soft skills, such as communication skills and professionalism – can be even more important to employers than hard skills when shortlisting candidates for a role.

Video CVs give employers access to a candidate’s soft skills right at the start of the recruitment process, providing them with a magnificent advantage.

Every job you apply for requires some extent of soft skills in order to be successful. A video CV gives you the opportunity to present those skills right at the start of the recruitment process, and gain an advantage over your competition.

To make the best impression, smart and classic clothing can never fail. Avoid drawing too much attention to your outfit by wearing unusual styles or something too trendy. For a full overview, read our guide on How to Dress for a Job Interview

If the camera on your mobile phone has a strong resolution or HD capabilities, you can use that. Otherwise, use a good quality digital camera or camcorder. Alternatively, attend one of our workshops where you'll be supported through the process. For information about workshop dates and locations, contact us to find out more.