Stand out from the crowd with a video CV

Video CVs are an engaging way to help your job application stand out from the crowd. If you get it right, it can be a brilliant way to showcase your personality and impress potential employers right at the start of the recruitment process – giving you a huge advantage over other applicants.

This short pitch gives you the opportunity to present your professional strengths, while providing employers with more insight into the soft skills you have to offer. Skills such as communication, motivation, professionalism, confidence and charisma – which are difficult to get across in a written CV.

And we’ll give you all of the help you need; guiding you through how to create the perfect video, and giving you hints and tips on making the best possible impression.

The process is simple – and free! Simply create your video and upload it to our online portal where it can then be searched and viewed by employers looking for candidates to fill existing job opportunities.

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