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How to Dress for a Job Interview

Working out what to wear at a job interview, or for a video CV or video interview, can be difficult. Not least because the style of dress an employer expects can vary according to the type of role or industry you’re applying for. A role in a more casual office, which you might associate with a creative environment, non-profit organisation or start-up, may not have strict requirements when it comes to dress code; whereas a more formal industry may expect nothing less than a suit.

To make the best impression, smart and classic clothing can never fail. Avoid drawing too much attention to your outfit by wearing unusual styles or something too trendy – you want the focus to be on you, not on what you’re wearing!

Ask yourself – will anything about my appearance distract my interviewer? If the answer is “yes”, rethink your appearance.

The following tips will help you to dress in a professional way that should create a great impression for any job interview.

1. Try to gain some insight into the company dress code by looking at images on their website or social media. Then dress one step smarter than the overall dress code.

2. If you can’t find evidence of the dress code, take the industry into consideration. Jobs in law, finance, public sector and real estate, for example, will require a more formal level of dress, and you should consider wearing a suit or similar. For roles in media, marketing, technology and sports, for example, smart-casual may work better. For example – smart trousers and a shirt for men, or a smart pair of trousers and blouse for women.

3. If you’re interviewing for a senior leadership or management role in any industry, dress the part. You want to look like a leader, so dress more formally.

4. Limit the number of brightly coloured items in your outfit to one. For example, a pair of statement shoes, tie or bag.

5. Choose solid colours over patterns, and neutrals over brights.

6. Make sure your clothes are well ironed and your shoes are polished and clean.

7. Go easy on the jewellery, or preferably wear none.

8. Don’t reveal too much flesh, keep any heels low, and any make-up natural.

9. Your hair should be tidy, and in a clean and simple style out of the way of your face.