The Benefits of a Video CV for Employers

With the increasing competition for talent, and pressures to recruit responsibly and fairly that many businesses face, diversifying your recruitment and selection process may help you attract the best candidates.

The idea of a video CV is simple. Candidates present themselves via a short video rather than in traditional written CV format. In that video, they answer a series of questions, or talk about their experience, skills and interests.

The benefits for employers are that you get to see a candidate’s soft skills and make a quick, accurate assessment of their suitability for a role. Charisma, energy, confidence, dynamism – all can be unmistakably portrayed through a video CV. Characteristics that are very hard, if not impossible, to distinguish from a traditional CV.

How well does the candidate express themselves, how well do they present themselves? Can you see them fitting in to the team and being able to manage the job? These are important assessments that are much easier to make with a video CV.

Being able to screen candidates in this way also saves time. Not only time pouring over CVs, but time interviewing. Simply - if you can make a more accurate selection at CV stage, you’ll waste less time interviewing unsuitable candidates

Minimise time spent sifting through written CVs

Get an accurate representation of a candidate’s suitability and skills, much more quickly.

A cost effective way of making an initial assessment about whether the candidate could be suitable for the role, and for your organisation.

Reduce the number of interviews.

As a result, your face-to-face interviews can be better structured and more tailored. You’ve already seen and heard your candidate, so you know what to expect and can tailor your questions better.

Increase your candidate pool with Working Heads.

Engage with people who you may not normally get to meet due to out-dated application/CV-filtering methods. Access individuals who may not be confident portraying themselves in a written CV, and in doing so:

- Developing a more diverse workforce.

- Meeting equality and diversity objectives.

- Achieving corporate social responsibility objectives.